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Golden & Amos, PLLC
will protect your rights.

Real Estate Law at:

Real Estate Law


Real estate law is very nuanced and potentially highly complex - it's not an area of the law you want to navigate on your own. There are countless things you need to be aware of that only years of training and working in the industry can prepare you for. Let Golden & Amos, PLLC be your guide in your next real estate transaction.

  • Buying and selling

  •  Closings

  •  Document Preparation

  • Assignment Preparation

  • Land Disputes

  • Manufactured home title curative

  • Real estate litigation

  • Refinance mortgage loans

  • Title Claim Preparation

  • Title Work 

Lender Title Orders: 
Cash Closing Title Orders: 

Fiduciary Services

  • Fiduciary Work

  • Wills

  • Estate Planning

  • Trusts

  • OH & WV Probate

Other Legal Services

  • Child Adoptions

  • Adult Adoptions

  • LLC Formation

  • Name Changes

  • Civil Business Litigation

  • Tax Sale Assitance

Office Work
  • Bankruptcies

  • Deeds in Lieu

  • Evictions

  • Foreclosures

  • Litigation in State

  • Litigation in Federal Courts

  • REO Closings

  • Replevin Actions

Bank Representation Services

At Golden & Amos, PLLC our attorneys are highly experienced in representing residential and commercial property owners, mortgage lenders, banks and financial institutions in West Virginia. When unforeseen circumstances arise in your dealings with borrowers, let Golden & Amos, PLLC manage your legal issues efficiently and effectively..

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